Our Story

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Bloom Juice was born from the understanding that life gives you choices. You can choose to experience what is already there, or you can create what you wish to see. In recognizing the current state of what was being offered in the community- the message repeatedly seemed to convey, "Cheaper. Faster. Easier." Being inundated with that kind of mindset, I started envisioning a place where there was a real value in quality. In sustainability. In longevity. Not just thinking about the immediate, but of the bigger picture as well. I truly believe everything is connected. Every interaction, every word spoken; all has a rippling effect on the whole. I knew that if I wanted something to change, I'd have to actively participate in it's process.

I’d never considered making a business out of these medicinal foods, let alone juice. All I knew is I had an unquenchable passion for these foods and the way they synergize with the body. As I continued to move steadfast in the direction of the arts, I noticed overtime, things were beginning to change. It became clear that life had other plans, as it often does. After certain events aligned, (and much to my surprise), every step seemed to inevitably be leading me to this exact place. A place where I get to share my love of these potent, healing foods. It's something that endlessly fascinates me. The more I learn, the more intrigued I become about all that is possible.

My deepest inspiration has always stemmed from nature. Whether it's through the arts or recipes; nature has played a key role in my life. During my 20's, I became increasingly curious in nutrition and natural foods which nourish and support the whole body. Starting to think of food as our medicine, was a real 'aha' moment. Instead of treating the body as separate functions, I was being introduced to new ideas which rang true with what I was feeling instinctually. My passion ignited as I began to experience it first hand. I started recognizing the shifts in my own life; that what you put into your body has a direct link with how you function, how you feel, and the quality of your life. It's ALL interconnected! I felt empowered by this new sense of awareness, which was only the tip of the iceberg. Although I'm definitely an advocate on health and wellness, I've discovered overtime that it's equally about balance. Throughout my life, I've reached from one extreme to the other; all in search of finding my own unique harmony (which just so happens to ebb and flow as often as the tides). What I found is that life is meant to be enjoyed. Period. As much as I love eating whole, organic foods; I also love feasting on pizza and beer when the mood strikes. I don't think there's any 'right way.' And I certainly wouldn't claim to know it if there was. To me, it seems less about ideals or guidelines, and more about reaching for that sweet place where you can listen to what your body needs in this moment- whatever that may be.

At the very start of this venture, these words from Einstein kept circling through my mind, almost like a mantra. 'Try not to become one merely of success…but rather one of value.' For me, that is the ultimate inspiration. We continually strive to build a company deeply rooted in this message. From our glass bottles, to the farms we form transparent relationships with; every ingredient is sourced with intention and care. Nothing feels as gratifying, knowing these incredibly vibrant foods are being shared with more people everyday. In the end, that makes everything worth it.

My vision for Bloom Juice, first and foremost, is to create a place to inspire! To gather, connect and share through all different forms. Whether it's art, music, or simply the joy of food. Bloom Juice is as much about beautiful foods; as it is uplifting what inspires us! Creating the gallery space was a natural and instinctive move that tied it all together. We collaborate with artists to hold monthly exhibitions; fusing the expression of art and nature into one. Together, we’ve created a space that provides artists with an outlet to share their own message within the community. It's been a real gift being able to witness an idea coming full circle, in a way that reaches far beyond juice. We're delighted to share what we’ve found to be a source of joy. Through art, through appreciation, and by lifting up what inspires us; in the form of these transformational foods. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

With Love,

Brigette Bloom