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Feel free to Mix & Match



  1. Begin your cleanse with warm water + lemon first thing in the morning, as it has an immediate alkalizing effect and will begin to wake up your digestive system before you even have your first sip of juice. From here, start off with the first juice and let the journey begin...

  2. Aim to drink a juice every 2 to 2.5 hours. Consistency is key. Skipping juices will likely leave you hungry and may result in your blood sugar crashing. To help stay on track, set your alarm for every two hours. Sip or drink your juice and water/herbal teas over the course of that time. Feel free to drink your juice in portions, replacing what you don't drink, into the refrigerator. Make sure to keep all your juice COLD. It is raw after all.

  3. If you feel extra hungry, don't worry, just wait about 15 minutes. Most the time this will pass. If you still feel hungry, drink another juice. (You don't HAVE to wait the full 2 hours)

  4. If you feel like you're going to crack, first check-in with yourself and see if you are really hungry or if you're simply craving that chewing sensation. If the answer is the latter, let it go! YOU CAN DO THIS. If the answer is that you are truly very to push through, honor that. Let's face it - we are not perfect creatures and at times we may stray from even the best laid path. If you give into temptation and falter a bit during your cleanse, don't throw your whole plan out the window. A deviation will slow the process, not bring it to a screeching halt. Simply remind yourself what your greater goal is and use this as an opportunity to recommit.


During the first 24 hours of a cleanse, your body is very busy a switching gears into detoxification mode. This process includes eliminating toxin that have built up over the course of years.


The revitalizing and renewing benefits of cleansing are proof that your body is undergoing remarkable changes. As you might expect, these major changes Everyone experiences a cleanse differently; depending on the level of one's toxicity level and/or how the body is responding to the cleansing therapy. The most common system is headache and/or feeling tired or irritable. Symptoms may also include feeling a little "foggy" mentally and mild skin breakouts may occur. This is a natural part of the process, at the cleanse is working.


The bulk of these are experienced in the first 24-36 hours; treat yourself kindly and give your body time and space to rest. After this period, most people claim to feel more vibrant and emotionally alive. You may also experience feelings of euphoria, total mental clarity and super-heightened senses.

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